Our Category

Treats are a form of expression of our love towards our pets. But they are also something our furry companions have to earn. There are several kinds of treats out there, but there’s always the right one for your fur buddy. Grain-free treats, snack treats, training treats, dental chewing treats, and more such kinds of treats, snacks, and beverages because we believe that; why just humans should have all the fun.

Dog Toys

Toys are one of the significant parts of puppies as well as dogs and there’s more to dog toys than just ropes, balls & squeaky toys. Our collection has an assortment of games that challenge dog’s instincts so they can solve the puzzle. We offer a wide selection of toys that dogs are sure to love.

Pet Supplies

Pet care isn’t an easy task and to efficiently carry the responsibilities of being a pet parent; They need a variety of supplies. We have a wide collection of each essential every pet needs such as training and hygiene essentials, transport accessories, bowls, treats, chews, shampoos and coat care, collar, leash, beds and more.

Cat Supplies

The characteristics of dogs and cats differ and so they need different supplies. Among our cat supplies are collars, snacks, bowls, litter, toys and cat scratchers, as well as litter and accessories.

Professional Products

Pet grooming needs a proper set of equipment to get the perfect look and we love supplying them to professionals and pet parents. We have essential items every grooming spa & salon and the veterinary clinic will need. A varied collection of Cage Systems, High-performance Dryers, Bathing Tubs, Grooming as well as Operation Table. And of course, aspiring groomers and academies can choose the model dogs on which to practice grooming.

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